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Every individual or organisation that is determined to make progress, does so by taking up resolutions and fixing milestones that they want to achieve. When BookBox began its journey our resolution was to provide our readers a language learning platform where quality is never compromised. BookBox at its core is an educational platform and along with providing content for language learners it has always striven to educate and raise literacy in India and around the world.

We have come a long way and have seen various milestones in our journey and now we stand at a new crossroad. What began as a humble following of a few hundred has grown to be almost a hundred thousand now! This growth, though invigorating, is also humbling and a reminder that our achievements are only a reflection of our loyal fans and followers.

BookBox launched with a collection of three stories in two languages and now with sustained effort we now have a collection of more than 45 AniBooks (animated stories) available in over 35 languages from all over the world in all the platforms that you can imagine starting from print books, to CDs, DVDs, TV, Kindle and up to the latest Android/iOS apps.

We are sure that with your continued support, 100,000 is just the beginning of a much longer journey for us and we hope have to have you around as we explore new horizons.

To share our gratitude to BookBoxers, we’re offering 5 Anibooks worth $ 15 for FREE for one month.

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